Socceroos odds: Tim Cahill a chance to play past 40

Posted by on 23/1/2015
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Tim Cahill – the greatest  Socceroo of all time. What would we do without him?

No need to worry about that because online bookmaker believes he’s a $1.60 chance to be around for the next World Cup and $2.25 to be watching us getting beaten by Honduras and Malawi without him.

It’d be nice if he could play until he’s 80 but Cahill is tipped to retire at the age of 38 or 39 (both $2.75) or there’s $9.00 available for the great man to hang on until he’s 40 or over.

Big things appear on the horizon for Timmy. He’s $2.75 to be next year’s Australian of the Year, $21 to scissor-kick our pollies down to size as Prime Minister, and the same price to become FIFA President by 2017.

“There’s nothing Tim Cahill can’t do! We’re even offering $501 for King Cahill to become the next Monarch but to be honest, I’d settle for him to be holding aloft the Asian Cup trophy,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

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Will Tim Cahill be in the 2018 World Cup Squad

$1.60   Yes

$2.25   No


What age will Tim Cahill retire from International football

$11.00 35

$6.00   36

$4.00   37

$2.75   38

$2.75   39

$9.00   40 or over


Tim Cahill Futures

$2.75   To be Australian of the year 2016

$6.00   To be knighted

$7.50   To Coach the Socceroos at the next World Cup

$11      To become FFA President by 2016

$16      To buy any A-League Club Before 2017

$21      To become PM by 2016

$21      To be crowned Miss Universe Australia

$21      To become FIFA president by 2017

$101    To be given ownership of Tasmania

$501    To become the next Monarch