Australia better chance to host 2022 World Cup than win game

Posted by on 3/6/2014
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Australia has a better chance of being awarded the 2022 World Cup than it does winning its first World Cup game against Chile.

Whether that’s a good thing in terms of us being a chance to host the world’s biggest event or a sign that we have no hope of beating Chile – we aren’t quite sure.

Either way, online bookmaker has priced Australia at $6.50 to host the 2022 World Cup (they are $7.50 to beat Chile in game 1) amongst allegations of bribery in Qatar’s bid back in 2010.

But the legions of diehard soccer fans in Qatar (they exist, right?) may not have a reason to worry, priced at $1.53 to hold on to the 2022 World Cup.

The USA are also given some hope at $4.50 along with Germany, Brazil and England, all priced at $15.

“Australia will throw their hat back in the ring if they have the chance, so we give them some hope. But given they only got one vote last time, it still looks like an unlikely prospect,” said’s Shaun Anderson.

Market courtesy of
World Cup 2022 Host
$1.53     Qatar
$4.50     USA
$6.50     Australia
$15        Germany, Brazil, England
$26        South Korea, Japan
$501      Afghanistan, North Korea