Australian F1 Grand Prix 2015: Lewis Hamilton’s odds crunched to win

Posted by on 12/3/2015
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Lewis Hamilton looks set to leave Melbourne a winner in more ways than one this weekend.

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He will enter the Grand Prix as the $2.10 favourite, but let’s get to the juicy stuff… who will he lock lips with should he be victorious?

Online bookmaker is backing the champ to keep his standards as high off the track as they are on it, with Chelsea Scanlan the $2.50 favourite to cop a kiss on the podium.

Fresh from her breakup with Tommy Little, former Bachelor contestant Chantal Kryniewski could be on the prowl at $7.50. Given he has a thing for singers, Samantha Jade is the value bet at $7.50.

All eyes will also be on Daniel Ricciardo over the weekend, and with some Hollywood stars in town, he could be bumping shoulders with some famous names. Shane Warne leads the market at $5.00 to be snapped partying with Ricciardo, with Charlize Theron and Sean Penn not out of the question at $7.50 each.

A price of $51 has been set for Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel to burn up the dance floor together, but punters may want to save their money. Jeremy Clarkson could be the smart bet at $101 given he now has some spare time on his hands.

‚ÄúNow that Hamilton is a single man, it‚Äôs probably the safest bet of all that he will be pretty popular with the ladies. Ricciardo seems level headed, but that may not be the case for long if he parties with Warnie,‚ÄĚ said¬†‚Äôs Shaun Anderson.

Ricciardo remains the best backed driver overall to win the GP, with more money for him than every other driver put together at $15.

Sportsbet have also opened a market on who will be the next Australian GP Chairman following the departure of Ron Walker, with John Harnden the clear favourite at $1.90 ahead of David Brabham ($6.00).

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Who will Ricciardo Celebrate with Afterwards

$5.00      Shane Warne
$7.50      Charlize Theron
$7.50      Sean Penn
$9.00      Craig Lowndes
$11         Matthew Priddis, Nathan Fyfe, Mark Webber
$16         Tommy Little, Eddie McGuire, Andy Lee, Darryn Lyons
$21         Jane Hall, David Gyngell
$34         Daniel Andrews, Kylie Minogue
$41         Robert Doyle, Matthew Guy
$51         Sebastian Vettel
$101       The Stig, Jeremy Clarkson, Any of the Real Housewives of Melbourne

Who will Lewis Hamilton kiss on the podium? 
$2.50      Chelsea Scanlan
$7.50      Chantal Kryniewski
$7.50      Samantha Jade
$11         Dannii Minogue
$11         Michelle Bridges
$21         Carrie Bickmore
$41         Kylie Minogue
$51         Samantha Armytage
$501       Protectionist
$501       Matthew Campbell

Next Australian Grand Prix Chairman

$1.90      John Harnden

$6.00      David Brabham

$7.50      Alan Moffat

$9.00      Dick Johnson

$11         John Howard

$12         Mark Webber

$14         David Thodey

$16         David Gallop

$18         Mark Skaife

$21         Denis Napthine

$21         Alan Jones

$34         Gail Kelly

$41         Kevin Rudd

$51         Craig Lowndes

$67         Clive Palmer

$81         Nathan Tinkler

$101       Jeremy Clarkson

Daniel Ricciardo Futures
$3.50¬†¬†¬†¬† To mention Mark Webber in his winner’s Acceptance Speech
$5.00     To skol a Red Bull Can Immediately following the race
$6.00¬†¬†¬†¬† To mention Sebastian Vettel in his winner’s acceptance speech
$7.00     To Propose to his Girlfriend post-race
$7.00¬†¬†¬†¬† To say the phrase ‚ÄėHoney Badger‚Äô in his first post-race interview
$7.50     To get into an argument with Sebastian Vettel during or after the rac

How much Red Bull will Ricciardo drink during the race
1.87        Over 3.5L
1.87        Under 3.5L

How long will Ricciardo’s winners burnout be

$1.87     Over 15 seconds

$1.87     Under 15 seconds

Colour of Jemma Boskovich’s Dress

$4.00     Black

$4.50     White

$6.00     Purple

$7.50     Pink

$7.50     Red

$8.00     Brown

$9.00     Blue

$11        Green

$11        Yellow

$16        Orange

$34        West Coast Eagles Colours


Australian Grand Prix winner
$2.10      Lewis Hamilton
$3.00      Nico Roseberg
$11         Valtteri Bottas
$15         Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo
$21         Kimi Raikkonen
$23         Felipe Massa
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