Australian F1 Grand Prix 2015: Daniel Ricciardo odds and betting markets

Posted by on 11/3/2015
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Should Aussie Daniel Ricciardo be victorious this weekend he will mention a Honey Badger, skol a Red Bull, do a burnout for 15 seconds and mention Mark Webber in his acceptance speech.

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That’s what the betting indicates anyway, with online bookmaker opening a number of novelty markets around the F1 rising star.

His sponsors look likely to get value for money, with $5.00 priced for Ricciardo to skol a Red Bull straight after the race. His dentist may also be in for a payday, with a $1.87 line set for him to drink over or under 3.5 litres of the energy drink.

Nick Cummins may not be happy, but his title as the Honey Badger could be under threat, with Ricciardo $7.00 to mention the phrase Honey Badger in his first post-race interview.

His enemy Sebastian Vettel may also get a shout out for all the wrong reasons – $6.00 to be mentioned by Riccardo and $7.50 for the two to have a screaming match.

With the Melbourne Fashion Festival also in town Riccardo’s better half Jemma Boskovich is also set to get plenty of attention. She may want to get on the odds of $7.00 for Ricciardo to propose to her post-race, with $4.00 also set that she will wear a black dress of the final day of the race.

“Win or lose, this week is all about Daniel Riccardo and every move he makes. His missus may be the biggest winner of all, we have odds of $7.00 that he will pop the question. We are giving that an even bigger chance than him actually winning the race!” said’s Shaun Anderson.

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Daniel Ricciardo Futures
$3.50     To mention Mark Webber in his winner’s Acceptance Speech
$5.00     To skol a Red Bull Can Immediately following the race
$6.00     To mention Sebastian Vettel in his winner’s acceptance speech
$7.00     To Propose to his Girlfriend post-race
$7.00     To say the phrase ‘Honey Badger’ in his first post-race interview
$7.50     To get into an argument with Sebastian Vettel during or after the race

Acceptance Speech Length
$1.87      Over 90 Seconds
$1.87      Under 90 seconds

How much Red Bull will Ricciardo drink during the race

1.87        Over 3.5L

1.87        Under 3.5L

How long will Ricciardo’s winners burnout be

$1.87     Over 15 seconds

$1.87     Under 15 seconds

Colour of Jemma Boskovich’s Dress

$4.00     Black

$4.50     White

$6.00     Purple

$7.50     Pink

$7.50     Red

$8.00     Brown

$9.00     Blue

$11        Green

$11        Yellow

$16        Orange

$34        West Coast Eagles Colours


Australian Grand Prix winner
$2.10      Lewis Hamilton
$3.00      Nico Roseberg
$11         Valtteri Bottas
$15         Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo
$21         Kimi Raikkonen
$23         Felipe Massa
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