Huge Bet on Donald Trump to be re-elected

Posted by on 21/9/2017
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A punter with online bookmaker has made a bold early move by placing a $20,000 bet that Donald Trump will be re-elected as President in 2020.

With over three years to run, the punter stands to win $55,000 should Trump win, having placed his bet at odds of $3.75.

Although Trump is not even guaranteed to be the Republican nominee, rated the favourite at $1.72, previous sitting Presidents have been much shorter to win their party nomination.

“You have to admire the punter’s confidence so far out from Americans going back to the polls. It’ll be a great tale to tell should Trump triumph again,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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US Presidential Election Winner 2020

$3.75   Donald Trump

$9.00   Mike Pence

$11      Elizabeth Warren

$11      Michelle Obama

$14      Gavin Newsom

$17      The Rock

$17      Mark Zuckerberg

$51      Hillary Clinton

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Republican Nominee 2020

$1.72   Donald Trump

$5.00   Paul Ryan

$5.00   Mike Pence

$23      Marco Rubio

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