Greens’ odds crunched to win Batman by-election

Posted by on 12/2/2018
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Punters with online bookmaker have jumped on the Greens to win the upcoming Batman by-election.

The Greens opened at odds of $1.80 but have been backed into $1.22 following close to 90% of the money being placed on the party.

One punter placed a $1,000 bet at odds of $1.50 on the Greens.

Labor meanwhile have drifted massively to hold their seat from $2.00 out to $4.00 with the largest bet to date $125 at odds of $2.25.

“The Greens have pulled massively ahead in the betting to win Batman and if the betting reflects the polling on the day then we’re looking at a landslide victory,’’ said’s Will Byrne

Market courtesy of sportsbet

Batman by-election

$1.22   Greens            (in from $1.80)

$4.00   Labor               (out from $2.00)

$26      Liberals           (out from $15)