Big Bet on Trump to win next US Presidential Election

Posted by on 7/2/2018
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Online bookmaker has taken a $100,000 bet on Donald Trump to serve a second term as US President.

The punter took the price of $3.00, meaning they’ll collect a whopping $300,000 if he’s successful in the 2020 election.

The huge bet comes after another customer placed a total of $260,000 on Trump to serve another term in the hot seat at prices ranging between $3.40 and $3.75 .

“Obviously one punter believes lightning could strike twice judging by the size of this bet. As we saw last election, stranger things have happened!” said’s Christian Jantzen.

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US Presidential Election

$3.00   Donald Trump

$11      Mike Pence

$13      Elizabeth Warren

$13      Kamala Harris

$15      Bernie Sanders

$17      Kristen Gillibrand

$17      Michelle Obama

$19      Cory Booker

$21      Gavin Newsom

$21      Joe Biden

$21      Marco Rubio

$21      Mark Zuckerberg

$21      Paul Ryan

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