2018 heads odds for next Federal Election

Posted by on 21/11/2017
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The next Federal election will take place in 2018 according to the betting from online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au.

2018 is the $1.25 favourite but 2019 is actually the best supported by punters at odds of $3.00 – this year pays $15.

Labor are the $1.50 favourite to win with the Coalition paying odds of $2.55 – 76% of money wagered to date has been on Labor.

“The citizenship saga has raised a lot of early election talk and the odds agree with that sentiment, suggesting we’ll be heading off to the polls next year,’’ said sportsbet.com.au’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of sportsbet.com.au

Year of next Federal Election
$15      2017

$1.25   2018

$3.00   2019


Federal Election Winner

$1.50   Labor

$2.55   Coalition

$21      One Nation

$101    Australian Conservatives

When will a surplus be delivered?

$101    2017/18

$51      2018/19

$8.00   2019/20

$1.05   2020/2021 or later/never

$26      Surplus to be delivered under Turnbull Government