Commonwealth Games 2014 betting says Australia will dominate in the pool

Posted by on 29/7/2014
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We want more! We want more! Unfortunately the Commonwealth Games are not only about swimming, one sport Australia has truly dominated.

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Tuesday evening and early Wednesday sees the final swimming events of the games and online bookmaker provides a preview of our chances on what has been a golden return to form:

Mens 4x100m Medley

The last Mens event where we are leading the race for Gold, priced at $1.50 ahead of the Poms on $2.63 – all other contenders are on double digits.


Mens 50m Freestyle

England’s Ben Proud is holding off the challenge of our swim stars, priced as the $1.53 favourite ahead of Cameron McEvoy ($5.50), Matt Abood ($6.50) and James Magnussen ($7.50).


Mens 1500m Freestyle

Canadian Ryan Cochrane ($1.14) is the short favourite for the gold ahead of Mark Horton on $6.50 with our other hope Jordan Harrison a large outsider on $51.


Mens 200m Individual Medley

Aussies Daniel Tranter ($2.75) and Thomas Fraser-Holmes ($3.25) are in with a good chance of picking up medals but the gold is favoured to go to South African Chad Le Clos ($2.37).


Womens 4x100m Medley

The girls are priced at $1.005 to pick up another gold for Australia with the next best team being England at odds of $17 – The Kiwis are paying $51.


Womens 50m Backstroke

Emily Seebohm is our best chance of getting a medal, third in the betting at $4.00 behind Welshwoman Georgia Davies ($1.57) and England’s Lauren Quigley ($3.25).


Womens 400m Freestyle

Bronte Barratt is priced at $5.00 but faces a tough ask to beat Welshwoman Jazz Carlin ($1.67) and Kiwi Lauren Boyle ($2.75).


“It’s a shame it has to end, if only we could have bowls, boxing and the other events played in the pool! But we look like closing the swimming events with at least two more golds – hopefully more,” said’s Will Byrne.


Markets courtesy of

Mens 4x100m Medley

$1.50   Australia

$2.63   England

$10      South Africa

$19      Scotland

$23      Canada

$51      New Zealand


Mens 50m Freestyle

$1.53   Ben Proud (ENG)

$5.50   Cameron McEvoy (AUS)

$6.50   Matt Abood (AUS)

$7.50   James Magnussen (AUS)

$10      Roland Schoemann (RSA)

$10      George Bovell (TRI)

$81      Brad Tandy (RSA)

$101    Adam Brown (ENG)


Mens 1500m Freestyle

$1.14   Ryan Cochrane (CAN)

$6.50   Mark Horton (AUS)

$8.50   Stephen Milne (SCO)

$15      Daniel Jervis (WAL)

$51      Devon Myles-Brown (RSA)

$51      Jordan Harrison (AUS)

$81      Daniel Fogg (ENG)

$101    Jay Lelliott (ENG)


Mens 200m Individual Medley

$2.37   Chad Le Clos (RSA)

$2.75   Daniel Tranter (AUS)

$3.25   Thomas Fraser-Holmes (AUS)

$6.50   Dan Wallace (SCO)

$31      Mitchell Larkin (AUS)

$41      Dylan Bosch (RSA)

$41      Roberto Pavoni (ENG)

$67      Evan White (CAN)

$101    Jospeh Roebuck (ENG)


Womens 4x100m Medley

$1.005 Australia

$17      England

$21      Canada

$21      Scotland

$51      New Zealand

$51      South Africa


Womens 50m Backstroke

$1.57   Georgia Davies (WAL)

$3.25   Lauren Quigley (ENG)

$4.00   Emily Seebohm (AUS)

$41      Brooklynn Snodgrass (CAN)

$67      Madi Wilson (AUS)

$81      Elizabeth Simmonds (ENG)

$81      Kathleen Dawson (SCO)

$101    Belinda Hocking (AUS)


Womens 400m Freestyle

$1.67   Jazz Carlin (WAL)

$2.75   Lauren Boyle (NZL)

$5.00   Bronte Barratt (AUS)

$12      Brittany MacLean (CAN)

$31      Jessica Ashwood (AUS)

$31      Remy Fairweather (AUS)

$67      Aimee Willmott (ENG)