Online bookmaker prices LeBron James $1.15 to stay at Miami Heat

Posted by on 25/6/2014
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LeBron James has left the Miami Heat and is a free agent once again and this time around it looks like he will be taking his talents to… South Beach… wait, what?

That’s right, despite James opting out of his current contract and becoming a free agent, there seems to be a method to his madness, with online bookmaker pricing $1.15 that King James will still play for the Heat next year.

In what would be a Cinderella story, $8.00 has been priced for him to return to Cleveland, something that would have been priced at $8,000,001 years ago when he left and the owner gave him a spray on the way out.

The LA Clippers ($10.50), Houston Rockets ($14) and LA Lakers ($18) are also given some hope of landing the games best player.

“We don’t think the Heat fans have too much to worry about. By opting out, he has given himself and the teams more options to rebuild their roster. Cleveland look like the only other real option for him, they have some talent and it would add to his legacy if he goes back, but we think its still a long shot. Let be honest, South Beach or downtown Cleveland, what would you choose!” said’s Shaun Anderson.

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Which team will LeBron James play for in 2014-15
$1.15     Miami Heat

$8.00     Cleveland Cavaliers

$10.50   LA Clippers

$14        Houston Rockets

$18        LA Lakers

$21        Any other NBA team
$23        Chicago Bulls

$33        NY Knicks