AFL 2014 Round 6 betting moves – Magpies tipped to win Anzac day clash

Posted by on 22/4/2014
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The Anzac Day match has a history of going down to the wire and it looks a chance to happen again, with online bookmaker sportsbet pricing $21 that the winning lead change will happen within the final five minutes of the match.


Sportsbet is also tipping that Scott Pendlebury could be back to his usual best this week, pricing him at the $5.00 favourite to win the Anzac Day Medal.

In other notable betting movements:

  • Collingwood v Essendon: All of the early money has been for Collingwood who are $1.67 favourites. Essendon drifted from $1.68 favourites to $2.20 outsiders after losing to the Saints
  • St Kilda v Brisbane: Who would have thought a few weeks ago that this match would be so lopsided? Punters are jumping on the $1.42 for the Saints, with virtually no interest in Brisbane at $2.85.
  • Fremantle v North Melbourne: Punters were burnt by the Kangaroos ($3.25) last week and as a result don’t want any piece of them against Fremantle who are receiving virtually all the money at $1.33.
  • Gold Coast v GWS : Neither team were impressive over the weekend, and as a result punters are yet to declare their intentions in this one, with slightly more money for the Gold Coast ($1.22).
  • Carlton v West Coast: The Blues may be back on the winners table but punters aren’t convinced, with all the early money coming for the Eagles at $1.65.
  • Melbourne v Sydney: Barely no interest in Melbourne ($8.00) despite their improvement over the last few weeks. All the money is coming for the Swans at $1.08.
  • Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: The Crows firmed from $1.90 to $1.67 after their impressive win on the weekend. Not a lot of love for the Doggies at $2.20.
  • Hawthorn v Richmond: Punters think the Tigers are value in this one at $5.00, with money virtually even so far.
  • Port Adelaide v Geelong: The Cats are $1.72 favourites, but more than double the money has been bet on Port at $2.10.
  • Swan tipped for medal: Scott Pendlebury is the $5.00 favourite to win the Anzac Medal, but punters think Dane Swan is value at $9.00 and he has been the best backed. There has also been a lot of money for Paul Chapman at $12.
  • Cats firm for flag but Hawks still favs: The Cats are in from $6.50 to $5.00 for the flag and while the Hawks are out from $3.20 to $3.50, they are still favourites. Collingwood have been the big movers, in from $21 to $15.
  • Jack & Jack Coleman favourites: Jack Gunston and Jack Riewoldt are now equal $8.00 favourites for the Coleman along with Jarryd Roughead. But Travis Cloke has been the big mover, in from $34 to $12.
  • St Nick a Brownlow chance?: Nick Riewoldt is on fire and has firmed from $81 to $26 to win the Brownlow.

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Round 6 odds

$1.67     Collingwood
$2.20     Essendon                            

$1.42     St Kilda
$2.85     Brisbane                    

$1.33     Fremantle                     
$3.25     North Melbourne                     

$1.22     Gold Coast
$4.25     GWS                           

$2.25     Carlton                       
$1.65     West Coast

$8.00     Melbourne                     
$1.08     Sydney                      

$2.20     Western Bulldogs                      
$1.67     Adelaide                      

$5.00     Richmond
$1.17     Hawthorn                    

$2.10     Port Adelaide                      
$1.72     Geelong

Another Anzac Day classic?
$21        The winning lead to change within the final 5 minutes                            

Anzac Medal Winner
$5.00     Scott Pendlebury
$6.00     Jobe Watson

$8.00     Dayne Beams
$9.00     Dane Swan
$12        Brendon Goddard, Paul Chapman
$15        Brent Stanton, Dyson Heppell
$17        Travis Cloke
$19        David Zaharakis, Steele Sidebottom
$21        Luke Ball
$23        Michael Hibberd
$26        Jamie Elliott, Paddy Ryder
$34        Heritier Lumumba, Jake Carlisle, Jason Winderlich, Jesse White
$41        Alex Fasolo, Clinton Young, David Myers, Jackson Merrett, Jarryd Blair, Taylor Adams
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Premiership winner
(Prices in brackets from Friday 18 April)
$3.50     Hawthorn                 (out from $3.20)
$5.00     Fremantle                 (out from $4.25)

$5.00     Geelong                     (in from $6.50)
$9.00     Sydney                       (in from $11)
$12        Port Adelaide            (in from $14)
$15        Collingwood              (in from $21)
$16        Essendon                   (out from $11)
$21        North Melbourne      (out from $16)
$21        West Coast                (out from $16)
$51        Gold Coast                 (steady)
$51        Adelaide                    (in from $67)
$67        Richmond                  (steady)
$151      Carlton                      (in from $201)
$201      Western Bulldogs      (steady)
$201      St Kilda                      (steady)
$501      GWS                          (out from $201)
$1001    Brisbane                    (steady)
$1001    Melbourne                (steady)

Least Wins

$1.83     Melbourne               (in from $2.00)
$2.10     Brisbane                    (in from $3.20)
$9.00     GWS                          (out from $7.00)
$15        St Kilda                      (out from $5.00)
$21        Carlton                      (out from $7.00)
$67        Essendon                   (in from $101)
$101      Adelaide                    (out from $51)
$101      Gold Coast                 (out from $51)
$101      Western Bulldogs      (out from 91)
$151      Richmond                  (in from $176)
$201      Sydney                       (out from $176)
$501      Collingwood              (out from $476)
$1000    Fremantle                 (steady)

Coleman Medal

$8.00     Jarryd Roughead     (out from $5.00)
$8.00     Jack Riewoldt
           (in from $12)
$8.00     Jack Gunston           (steady)
$9.00     Jeremy Cameron      (out from $7.00)
$9.00     Tom Hawkins            (in from $12)
$10        Matthew Pavlich       (steady)
$12        Josh Kennedy             (out from $7.00)
$12        Lance Franklin          (out from $8.00)
$12        Nick Riewoldt            (in from $18)
$12        Travis Cloke              (in from $34)
$17        Jay Schulz                  (out from $12)
$23        Luke Bruest               (out from $18)
$26        Stewart Crameri       (in from $34)               
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Brownlow Medal

$4.00     Gary Ablett              (in from $5.50)
$6.00     Joel Selwood             (out from $5.00)
$9.00     Steve Johnson            (in from $12)
$10        Scott Pendlebury       (out from $9.00)
$11        Trent Cotchin            (in from $16)
$14        Sam Mitchell             (out from $10)
$14        Jobe Watson              (out from $11)
$16        Patrick Dangerfield   (in from $26)
$21        Aaron Sandilands      (steady)
$21        Dane Swan                (in from $34)
$21        Josh Kennedy            (in from $31)
$26        Dayne Beams            (out from $18)
$26        Nick Riewoldt            (in from $81)   
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